Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fix for Archiso-live 20081028 Release

i have made a xdelta file for fixing the Archiso-live 20081028. This is only need if your going to install it.

You can get here.

Do it like this:
pacman -Sy xdelta
xdelta patch archiso-live-20081028.1.xdelta archiso-live-20081028.iso archiso-live-20081028.1.iso

NOTE: This only need if your going install it. Otherwize you don't need it.

PS You don't need this if you just delete two files from your live system before install. Do 'gksu thunar' and enter in password 'ArchLinux'. Then go into /etc/rc.d/functions.d and delete sysinit-chakra and shutdown-chakra. This is so you don't have reburn the cd.

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