Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fix for Archiso-live 20081028 Release

i have made a xdelta file for fixing the Archiso-live 20081028. This is only need if your going to install it.

You can get here.

Do it like this:
pacman -Sy xdelta
xdelta patch archiso-live-20081028.1.xdelta archiso-live-20081028.iso archiso-live-20081028.1.iso

NOTE: This only need if your going install it. Otherwize you don't need it.

PS You don't need this if you just delete two files from your live system before install. Do 'gksu thunar' and enter in password 'ArchLinux'. Then go into /etc/rc.d/functions.d and delete sysinit-chakra and shutdown-chakra. This is so you don't have reburn the cd.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Archiso-live 20081028 Release

Changes since last release:
* Replace the videoconfig script with the one from a upcoming distro called Chakra. Chaka is the new kdemod distro thats coming from kdemod team. Anyway they made a better xorg config system then me.
New Boot options:

xres (ex. xres=1024x768 will give you a 1024x768 resolution)

xdepth (ex. xdepth=16 will give you 16 color depth)

nonfree (yes or no) This is for auto detecting video cards installing the nonfree one to use. I set most of them to 'no' cause it could cause problems on some computers. (?)

* remove the /usr/share/locale files. This saves the distro 100+mb of space for video drivers and other programs. (Only the reason for now is the video drives.) This will make my archiso-live a English only distro for now on.

* Added gnome-commander and gnome-device-manager programs.

* I removed all wallpapers from kde but the default one. This saves another 30+mb.

You can get the iso here.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

EDIT: Installer may not work do some of the changes i made. I think is just cause of some files in /etc/rc.d/functions.d think its still a live cd.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Archiso-live 20081019 Release

Changes since last release:
* autologin to arch user is by default now. The autologin boot option is for making a user to autologin to. (ex. autologin=liveuser will make liveuser account)

* kde is in iso now. :) So now the archiso-live has every desktop including kde(4).

* kino, kompozer, and gdesklets are not in this release. But isomaster is back in.

* Remove /usr/share/doc, /usr/share/gtk-doc, and /usr/share/devhelp. This is to save space so its under 700mb. (Plus there not normally need for a livecd anyway.)

* Using older dhcpcd 3.2.1 cause the newer one dhcpcd 4.0.2 is causing problems with kernel 2.6.27 for some reason.

* Desktop color depth is 16 now instead of 24. This is to stop video problems with using kde4 in virtualbox.

You can get the iso and build scripts here. Also the iso weight is ~687.7mb in size. So it should say 688mb in web broswer since it rounds in out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Archiso-live 20081013 Release

Changes since last release:
* grub-gfx is removed so it just plain grub in this release.
* Fixed a bug that cause 100% cpu usage for the 1st 5 min.
* Fixed and rebuild aufs for new 2.6.27 kernel.
* Added brs=1 kernel module option for aufs. This will allow more modules to be supported.
* Aufs supports up to 1023 folders in union.

login: root
password: ArchLinux

login: arch
password: arch

You can get the iso here.

PS I made a git version of my archiso-live scripts this week. And also a friend make a Main Site for me cause he likes my distro but hates the blog site. The links are in side bar to the right. Label has 'Archiso-live github repo' and 'Arch-live Main Site'.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Archiso-live 20081005 Release

Changes since last release:
* I made a script called modatabase. This is so if you install this on a usb you can update all the modules at once. This is very alpha right now. You device has to be write-able and ext2 format. You can use iso2bootusb also to install it to usb device too. It uses syslinux for the boot loader.

* I remove 003-apps module because most are separate modules now in modules/extras folder. About 15 smaller programs in 003-apps module were merged into 001-desktop to save on boot time.

You can get the build scripts and iso here.

login: root
password: ArchLinux

login: arch
password: arch

PS If you need to use the installer then login has root. The same can be said for using shaman and gtk-pacman. I'm sorry if this in inconvineince to you.