Sunday, October 5, 2008

Archiso-live 20081005 Release

Changes since last release:
* I made a script called modatabase. This is so if you install this on a usb you can update all the modules at once. This is very alpha right now. You device has to be write-able and ext2 format. You can use iso2bootusb also to install it to usb device too. It uses syslinux for the boot loader.

* I remove 003-apps module because most are separate modules now in modules/extras folder. About 15 smaller programs in 003-apps module were merged into 001-desktop to save on boot time.

You can get the build scripts and iso here.

login: root
password: ArchLinux

login: arch
password: arch

PS If you need to use the installer then login has root. The same can be said for using shaman and gtk-pacman. I'm sorry if this in inconvineince to you.


Mathieu said...

Hello, I can not find that seems necessary to make an USB disk bootable...
Any tip on this subject ?

Thank you very much,

furester said...

hello, when i boot from a cdrom a minimal grub shell apperars to me, but I don't know what to do now ..

godane said...

@ furester
I think you need to read this post in gparted forum:

@ mathieu
there is no Its replaced by iso2bootusb script. That script is in path so you should be able to get to work but i don't know if it does work myself.
Sorry about this.

Mathieu said...

Thank you.
I originally thought there was a mean to make a USB live bootable image from iso files. I now understand that I must boot from the iso CD rom to be able to make the USB key bootable. I'll give a try. Thanks