Monday, September 29, 2008

Archiso-live 20080929 Release

Changes since last release:
* Remove ffmpeg and xine-lib modules cause there in 002-lib module now
* Added iso2bootusb to iso now. I also added isolinux folder in image too but its not configure yet for archiso-live. I just copyed larch isolinux folder.
* Remove boost since its not need.
* Made the system more modular by freeing some packages in 003-apps to be separate modules.

You can get the iso and build scripts here.

root password is ArchLinux
arch password is arch

PS. If people need to know there is a noxconf boot option so your xorg.conf is not over writed. This is cause archiso-live has auto configuration for xorg. Arch-larch didn't have this.

1 comment:

kelvin said...

sept 14 was by far the best version.
This one is very buggy. Installer needs root to work correctly its not a default option. Shamon still freezes half way in use, gtkpacman is not working. system hangs at a 100% for 5 mins at startup, on the bright side the boot option works ok for nvidia/ati cards. the Sept14 version is running very sweet with only minor problems and is running 18 hrs a day?