Monday, September 29, 2008

Archiso-live 20080929 Release

Changes since last release:
* Remove ffmpeg and xine-lib modules cause there in 002-lib module now
* Added iso2bootusb to iso now. I also added isolinux folder in image too but its not configure yet for archiso-live. I just copyed larch isolinux folder.
* Remove boost since its not need.
* Made the system more modular by freeing some packages in 003-apps to be separate modules.

You can get the iso and build scripts here.

root password is ArchLinux
arch password is arch

PS. If people need to know there is a noxconf boot option so your xorg.conf is not over writed. This is cause archiso-live has auto configuration for xorg. Arch-larch didn't have this.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Archiso-live 20080921 Release

Archiso-live is back. I decide to bring this back cause its better then arch-larch. But i added larch, larch-live, and larchin packages in archiso-live. This means that the larch installer is in Archiso-live now and you can remaster it with larch scripts. Not the custom ones i made. Just the plain larch scripts.

Removed packages:

Added packages:

You can get the iso and build scripts here.

PS Please test larch installer since i don't know how will it will work on my Archiso-live system.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Arch-larch 20080914 CD Release

Changes since 20080907 release:
* remove kdemod
* added shaman from archlinux repo
* using qt from arch extra repo instead of qtmod
* added modules builded from unsupported aur:

* added modules from extra repo:

If you want kde you just install kdebase-workspace which should give you a working KDE desktop.

You can get the iso and my custom larch build scripts here.

The iso is around 615.5mb in size.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Arch-larch 20080907 dvd Release

I decide to take the jump and start using larch scripts. But i customize them so there is modular support, rootcopy, and form boot option. I also add a desktop boot option command to switch to a different desktop then the default one (lxde).

Autologin is only for live user. You have to login to root but there is no password for it. Also kdemod is in this release and most of the apps i have in the normal releases are in here too i think.

Its my first dvd release so be kind to my host. The iso is 948.8mb in size.

You can get the iso and my custom larch build scripts here. I used xmaxi profile for my livedvd.

If anyone wants to mirror it then be my guest.