Sunday, September 21, 2008

Archiso-live 20080921 Release

Archiso-live is back. I decide to bring this back cause its better then arch-larch. But i added larch, larch-live, and larchin packages in archiso-live. This means that the larch installer is in Archiso-live now and you can remaster it with larch scripts. Not the custom ones i made. Just the plain larch scripts.

Removed packages:

Added packages:

You can get the iso and build scripts here.

PS Please test larch installer since i don't know how will it will work on my Archiso-live system.


Anonymous said...

Hi Godane!Nice Work!Keep at it!I see you've removed syslinux and you're using grub now.Could you please describe the procedure for creating a bootable Live USB stick with persistent changes?The script is no longer in the ISO.Is this even possible?Thanks in advance!

kelvin said...

There are some small problems with this release the instaler works but it would be better to go back to using root to sign in instead of arch. for some reason when I setup Nvidia graphics it only keeps the settings till reboot then reverts back to default this did not happen on any previous release, Shaman is very buggy and seems to crash for no apparent reason, GTKpacman is not working on this release even from commandline it does not crash in last release.