Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arch-live 20080731 release

Changes since last release:
added a mini, CD, and full menu options now.
  • mini option is the normal desktop apps. If you took the arch-live/base/extra folder from the cd with isomaster you will have more reasonble ~530mb live cd. This come with all the desktops but kde and afterstep.
  • CD option is just the base folder modules. This is so when i make the dvd edition you can still see what the CD edition looks/feels like with out downloading the cd version. CD option is Default.
  • The full option is so all modules in base and modules folders are load on boot.
The nonfree ati and nvidia drivers are moved from optional to modules folder now. This is why there is a CD and Full menu options now. NOTE: videoconfig script is bugy with my x200 IGP. This the main reason its being done this way.

I added script to arch-live. is called in arch-live cause its made for archlinux. :) The forum thread about this is here. Packages giblib and scrot are added cause of this script.

I reverse aufs-slax to 20080527 so deactivate script will work again. Now you can remove modules again.

/mnt/live/memory/images folder uses tmpfs now if xino folder needs tmpfs.

I added slax2hd module from here. Its a installer but its uses dialog in shell like slackware installer does. You will have login to root to use it. NOTE: USE AT OWN RISK.

root password: ArchLinux

user: arch
password: arch

packages added:
xf86-video-vesa-2.0.0-2-i686 (my own package to fix some vbox problems)
lxde desktop

You can get the iso here.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Arch-live wiki

i added a Arch-live wiki link to sided bar. :)

Here is just the mirror module repo.

Thanks goes to wolfden in the #sabayon channel for trying out my distro.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Arch-live 20080723 release

Changes since 20080714:
kernel26slax updated to 2.6.26
madwifi-slax package added
gspcav1-slax package added
added xine-lib in xorg to make it possible to do a arch-live-mini (300MB?)
desktop artwork
slim theme is now archlinux-darch-white.

Added packages:

Removed packages:
there are no dep module of kdemod and kdemod4 anymore
I upload it here. Its name will be 11-libkdemod4.lzm.
Only kdemod4 will be supported for now on.

You can get the iso here. I will also added a installer module to repo soon.

PS This release took longer cause i was making kernel 2.6.26 work with my wifi. I found out that you can only have rtl8187 devices working with 11M data rate now with pid data rate in the kernel. code: iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M
NOTE: rtl8187 devices will not work with data rate set to auto or any other rate then 11M.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Mirror for arch-live ISOs

I know have a mirror for my arch-live isos. You can find it here. I have it also in my side bar called US Arch-live Mirror 1.

You can thank crouse in the archlinux forum for the mirror.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Arch-live 20080714 release

Changes in this release:
Made a more stable modular system with my devel package.
Removed most of 02-apps module packages. I did this for saving space.
Using block size 128kb now instead of 64kb.

Packages added:
blender ?
hydrogen ?
lmms ?

packages from 02-apps added to 02-xorg:

You can get the the iso here.

There are some extra modules for java runtime, kdemod, and kdemod4. You can get them here.

This iso will be fully updated at 4:00 EST.

EDIT: I changed the background, splash, and slim theme to this. I used the 1280pix version though.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Arch-live 20080706 release

I'm updating arch-live cause I got linux-live to work with initramfs now. I think everything is working but I have not checked out changes boot option. Also I have updated everything to 20080706 in iso. The only thing I didn't updated is xf86-video-vesa driver. Its cause the new 2.0.0 vesa driver cause virtualbox not work with it.

I have also updated the kernel to I'm using my new kernel26slax package in aur now. Aufs is also updated since I'm compiling againist the kernel for it to work now. The lastest devel package is also in iso under devel folder of the iso.

I move cups from 02-apps.lzm to 03-xorg.lzm because its not need for the arch core live menu option to work. libcups is staying in 02-apps.lzm cause it maybe need by some command line programs. 02-apps.lzm module is now 6mb less without cups in it.

You can get the iso here.

It will be done uploading at 1:30am EST time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

wifi bug in offical archlinux kernel

There is still some problems with the offical archlinux kernel that I have fould. This problem is not being able to connnect to the internet with my netgear wifi wg111v2 usb stick. This is cause of the mac80211 being set to pid data rate. I need it to be set to simple in order for me to use the offical archlinux kernel. For now I recomplied the archlinux kernel for with simple data rate. Its in the iso for those who are have trouble wifi drivers on kernel 2.6.25.

Here is the bug report: a fix for netgear wg111v2 not work on kernel 2.6.25.x (This bug is in the config upstream)

archiso-live 20080703 (first release)

I have made some major chanages to the archiso scripts that are used to build the offical archlinux installer iso. I'm doing this for 2 reasons:
1) to be able to use the offical archlinux kernel
2) To be able to use initramfs instead of initrd

Changes from archiso scripts:

* Support aufs and unionfs

* Modular script addmods in /etc/rc.d and added to /etc/rc.conf (This script makes it possible for us to have other modules load at boot.)

* Bind /tmpfs to /mnt/live/memory/changes

* Mount modules in /mnt/live/memory/modules/name.sqfs

* addmods uses liblinuxlive to mount modules and put them in union. Since it uses liblinuxlive we can use load and noload commands now. Just like in slax. EDIT: Optional folder is not blocked from loading modules for some reason. I delete the optional folder cause of this.

* If you use bootusb and from boot options are used on start, there will be a folder called /device.
This /device folder is the usb or hard drive you used 'bootusb' and 'from' boot option from.

* /tmp is mount has tmpfs so we still use the new arch2sqfs. Its based on the old arch2lzm script i used for arch-live.

* Added a custom boot option. This is just so the default-config.sqfs from arch 2008.06 can stay in iso with out being changed. This also mean we can have the arch 2008.06 and the new arch-live run on the same iso. big_smile

* All my old configs from arch-live are in custom-config folder now. This means we can have are settings from arch-live stay with us.

* There is 3 new grub boot option.
Archlive Desktop
Archlive Desktop with unionfs
Archlive Desktop with failsafe vesa

* Umount /device cleany so it can be mount has read and write
* changes boot option
* hard drives mounting on startup (maybe a boot option for safed reasons)
* Usb keys not know after boot

most of the package from arch-live are in this release.
packages removed:
enlightment 16 version
gnome desktop
windowmaker desktop (i think)
ati drivers and nvidia drivers

You can get the iso here.

PS It will be done uploading in about 30min.