Thursday, July 3, 2008

archiso-live 20080703 (first release)

I have made some major chanages to the archiso scripts that are used to build the offical archlinux installer iso. I'm doing this for 2 reasons:
1) to be able to use the offical archlinux kernel
2) To be able to use initramfs instead of initrd

Changes from archiso scripts:

* Support aufs and unionfs

* Modular script addmods in /etc/rc.d and added to /etc/rc.conf (This script makes it possible for us to have other modules load at boot.)

* Bind /tmpfs to /mnt/live/memory/changes

* Mount modules in /mnt/live/memory/modules/name.sqfs

* addmods uses liblinuxlive to mount modules and put them in union. Since it uses liblinuxlive we can use load and noload commands now. Just like in slax. EDIT: Optional folder is not blocked from loading modules for some reason. I delete the optional folder cause of this.

* If you use bootusb and from boot options are used on start, there will be a folder called /device.
This /device folder is the usb or hard drive you used 'bootusb' and 'from' boot option from.

* /tmp is mount has tmpfs so we still use the new arch2sqfs. Its based on the old arch2lzm script i used for arch-live.

* Added a custom boot option. This is just so the default-config.sqfs from arch 2008.06 can stay in iso with out being changed. This also mean we can have the arch 2008.06 and the new arch-live run on the same iso. big_smile

* All my old configs from arch-live are in custom-config folder now. This means we can have are settings from arch-live stay with us.

* There is 3 new grub boot option.
Archlive Desktop
Archlive Desktop with unionfs
Archlive Desktop with failsafe vesa

* Umount /device cleany so it can be mount has read and write
* changes boot option
* hard drives mounting on startup (maybe a boot option for safed reasons)
* Usb keys not know after boot

most of the package from arch-live are in this release.
packages removed:
enlightment 16 version
gnome desktop
windowmaker desktop (i think)
ati drivers and nvidia drivers

You can get the iso here.

PS It will be done uploading in about 30min.

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