Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arch-live 20080731 release

Changes since last release:
added a mini, CD, and full menu options now.
  • mini option is the normal desktop apps. If you took the arch-live/base/extra folder from the cd with isomaster you will have more reasonble ~530mb live cd. This come with all the desktops but kde and afterstep.
  • CD option is just the base folder modules. This is so when i make the dvd edition you can still see what the CD edition looks/feels like with out downloading the cd version. CD option is Default.
  • The full option is so all modules in base and modules folders are load on boot.
The nonfree ati and nvidia drivers are moved from optional to modules folder now. This is why there is a CD and Full menu options now. NOTE: videoconfig script is bugy with my x200 IGP. This the main reason its being done this way.

I added script to arch-live. is called in arch-live cause its made for archlinux. :) The forum thread about this is here. Packages giblib and scrot are added cause of this script.

I reverse aufs-slax to 20080527 so deactivate script will work again. Now you can remove modules again.

/mnt/live/memory/images folder uses tmpfs now if xino folder needs tmpfs.

I added slax2hd module from here. Its a installer but its uses dialog in shell like slackware installer does. You will have login to root to use it. NOTE: USE AT OWN RISK.

root password: ArchLinux

user: arch
password: arch

packages added:
xf86-video-vesa-2.0.0-2-i686 (my own package to fix some vbox problems)
lxde desktop

You can get the iso here.

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