Sunday, August 3, 2008

arch-fah (folding@home) 20080803 release

I releasing a folding@home edition of arch-live. This is just the core folder of arch-live with some settings for folding@home to work.

It uses arch user for folding@home for security concerns.

user: arch
pass: arch

Root password is ArchLinux.

You can get the iso here.

PS I'm going to see about adding the folding@home editon has a boot option in arch-live. This release is only for people who don't need a desktop and like command line. Folding@home is started at boot so you shouldn't have to do anything but maybe login.

1 comment:

Lawliet said...


Can you create kde(4)mod based live cd?
i come from taiwan,in here many people have the interest to the ArchLinux.

i hope arch-live can add chinese language for taiwan user.

thank you.