Saturday, May 31, 2008

Arch-live passwords

I forgot to post the password on this blog.
user: root
pass: ArchLinux


Arch-live 20080531 release

I had to make this release cause of some bugs.

Changes since 20080529:
openbox works now (uses login has background)
enlightenment works and can be selected at login
made sure the xf86-video drivers were in 04-xorg module
added gtk-recordmydesktop and catfish to 07-xapps module
added parted to 03-common module
everything is updated to 20080531 has of 4:00pm EST Time
truecrypt was also added

You can get the iso and the packages list here.

I hope this fixes all the bugs in my last release.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arch-live 20080529 release

I have change the packages in the modules again. I did so it can be more modular. Now you can just use 01-04 modules if you only have a 256mb usb thumb drive.

Added packages:

You can get the iso and full package list here.

I'm also use 64kb blocksize now. I have heard of problems with speed on older systems if you use 256kb blocksize. I have change the arch2lzm script use 64kb blocksize by default. I will change the script in the next release so you setup your own blocksize. This way people can custom the size vs. speed of the modules.

EDIT: I forgot to added parted in the iso for gparted. Sorry about that.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Arch-live 20080521 release

I have just updated Arch-live to 20080521 (today). I also added most but not all deps for kdemod or kdemod4 to work. This is so I don't have 20-30 little modules that are about 100-300KB in size. It makes it easier for me to not have too many modules that are deps. It would make it hard for me and you (the user) having that many modules for deps. This also speeds up boot time since most of the deps are in 03-lib module.

I added awesome, icewm, and fvwm desktop. Last time i checked openbox is not work in arch-live for some reason. But I think this should help you have a option for a liter desktop.

You can get the iso here. The md5sum is the folder too.

EDIT: I added slax kernel from 6.0.7. The kernel version is now. Virtualbox is update for this new kernel.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What is Arch-live?

I working on the development of a live cd/usb called arch-live. Its based on modified linux-live scripts with slax kernel and archlinux packages. The slax kernel is used cause of the initrd is need for linux-live scripts to work. That and I think archlinux kernel is unstable for a live cd that I'm doing.

Stay tune for more updates.