Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Arch-live 20080521 release

I have just updated Arch-live to 20080521 (today). I also added most but not all deps for kdemod or kdemod4 to work. This is so I don't have 20-30 little modules that are about 100-300KB in size. It makes it easier for me to not have too many modules that are deps. It would make it hard for me and you (the user) having that many modules for deps. This also speeds up boot time since most of the deps are in 03-lib module.

I added awesome, icewm, and fvwm desktop. Last time i checked openbox is not work in arch-live for some reason. But I think this should help you have a option for a liter desktop.

You can get the iso here. The md5sum is the folder too.

EDIT: I added slax kernel from 6.0.7. The kernel version is now. Virtualbox is update for this new kernel.


Slackware Alchemist said...


I am currently using Arch LiveCD and I love it. I think what you are doing is great! I have read several articles about onlins banking security and they highly recommend to use LiveCDs to do bank transactions.

Pls continue working on this special project that you have.

Excellent job.


hhh said...

Nice job! A couple small points...

1) The checksum doesn't match the iso, though the disc seemed to run fine.

2) Wireless was a piece of cake to configure, but the net ran slow.

3) Closing a menu from a taskbar or application menu usually left screen artifacts.

Also, I found this blog through your thread on the Arch forums. Shouldn't this blog link bag there too?

Hope that helps.

bishop said...

godane...what is the username and password for 20080521.iso,Ive tried (archlinux) and (arch) bothways,...I cant get past this screen....thx,