Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Archiso-live 20081028 Release

Changes since last release:
* Replace the videoconfig script with the one from a upcoming distro called Chakra. Chaka is the new kdemod distro thats coming from kdemod team. Anyway they made a better xorg config system then me.
New Boot options:

xres (ex. xres=1024x768 will give you a 1024x768 resolution)

xdepth (ex. xdepth=16 will give you 16 color depth)

nonfree (yes or no) This is for auto detecting video cards installing the nonfree one to use. I set most of them to 'no' cause it could cause problems on some computers. (?)

* remove the /usr/share/locale files. This saves the distro 100+mb of space for video drivers and other programs. (Only the reason for now is the video drives.) This will make my archiso-live a English only distro for now on.

* Added gnome-commander and gnome-device-manager programs.

* I removed all wallpapers from kde but the default one. This saves another 30+mb.

You can get the iso here.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

EDIT: Installer may not work do some of the changes i made. I think is just cause of some files in /etc/rc.d/functions.d think its still a live cd.

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