Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arch-live 20080612 release

I have added a new iso tonight. I added gnome desktop to the iso now. I was able to make it using a new "arch2lzm mergelist" option. This is like the addlist option but you make a module from a list in this new option. It will also install any deps missing from the current system too.

I had to reverse my kernel back to the slax version. This is cause 2.6.25.x series has to many bugs in working with wifi. Even in myah 3.0 my problem was still there.

You can get the iso and package list here.

PS My internet upload speed is 3 times then last week. I was able to upload the 558mb iso file in 75 minutes. This is very good since i can make special dvd editions of arch-live and be able to upload them in reasonable amount of time. (Ex. Based on those speeds i can upload a 1.5gb iso file in about 4 hours. :) )

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