Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Arch-Mini 20081104 Release

I decide to make a new release now so the installer problem will be fix.

* added the older mke2fs.conf file in overlay so my problem will not happen again. (I report the bug here.)
* added gksu and rebuild larchin with new python 2.6 too.
* all package are up to date to today (20081104).

You can get the iso here.


笑面人生 said...

Could you kindly make the Arch-Mini can boot from main harddisk in next rev?
I tried 20081104 from my Asus A8Tc, just can boot from USB or CD/DVD, can boot from present Arch.

(There was already with Archlinux installed, and I want to try your good work...)
Many peoples with Windows installed, they want the Archlive can boot from harddisk (ntldr-->grldr-->Archlive), no need to write the file to CD...

Wolvrik said...

Hi, this is Wolvrik. (http://wolvrik-howlatthemoon.blogspot.com/)

I am fairly new to the whole Linux thing. I just tried your live Arch CD and it is now in my top 5 favorite distros. I know this sounds very newbie but I really like gOS a lot mainly because of the intelligent layout and inclusion of everything I really like(Ubuntu based?). I love Puppy and Wolvix also. I have over 50 Puplets and have burned every cd on Distrowatch. I like a distro that has a few simple things, email client(preferabley Thunderbird but Kmail is ok too, Claws not so good but bearable), a browser with Flash(need my Youtube), and Skype.I do like the Open Office suites but Abiword is very good too. I have used Gimp a lot and like to see that too. Movie and audio is essential. I do think these are the basic things that should be included if a distro is gonna be useful. Today kids grow up with "cloud computing". Myspace and Youtube are an indespensible part of the teenage lexicon. The kids of today are the are the future of Linux and if they can't get thier music vids forget it. I love your distro but would like to see Thunderbird and Skype as well. So just some rambling thoughts. I really like the Enlightenment version of your distro, fantastic! I will probably post part of this on my blog.